My Scrolling Frame Needs More WHOOSH! (Help with Momentum Scrolling!)

Hey Roblox Devs! :sos: Scrolling Help!

So, I’m building this awesome game and I wanna make the scrolling super smooth, just like those phone swipes you know? Basically, when you drag the scroll bar, it should keep going a bit even after you let go, kinda slowing down until it stops. That way, scrolling feels more natural and stuff.

Here’s the thing:

  • I can’t seem to find a way to do this in Roblox for PC and Mobile. It just comes to full stop when done scrolling, which is kinda janky.
  • What kind of coding tricks could I use to make this work?

Also I’m gonna mention that I’m trying to implement this on a made up scrolling feature using scripts (utilizing the ScrollingFrame instance, CanvasPosition, and setting the Scrolling to Disabled) So most of what I need to figure out is how to the make the momentum smooth scrolling addition to my previous script!

Any tips or advice would be amazing! Especially if you’ve got experience with this kind of stuff.

Thanks A bunch!

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don’t they already have this feature?

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yes they do but they only got that for mobile support, im trying to implement this to the computer as well, because i made the scrolling frame to be draggable instead of holding the scroll bar to scroll, hope you understand!

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You can try using TweenService to manipulate the scroll after it’s completed.


Try this:

It’s superseded since smooth scrolling is now a feature, but you’d have more control over the scrolling with it.

Now I haven’t used it myself so I’m not sure if it still works as intended, but in that case, reading over the code should point you in the right direction :+1:


Thanks a bunch!! :+1::+1:


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