My Second GFX. How Is It?

Hello! I was wondering if I could get feedback on my second GFX.



It seems ok to me!

Here are some pointers, that I learned too:

  • Improve the lighting, it seems a bit off.
  • We can’t see the full view of the legs of the character, and for me that is key for this type of GFX.
  • What is your style/reason for this work? If you can answer that, it will improve you much more.

Nice job buddy!


My mates and I say it’s pretty impressive since it’s only the 2nd time i’ve created a render. Some things I need to add is a floor, that’s why I made it so you cannot see the bottom of the feet.

Another thing is I just use point light. That would be a great idea to recreate the lighting but this was just a quick render.

The reason for the work is because I asked my mate if they wanted a render and they were like, Quoting “K” so I responding with, “What Pose” then they said “just leaning on a wall r something” so I just did this.

I hope this explains your response.

Now I get it.

I suggest, for this sorta GFX, to use a Sun Light, with a power of 10-20.


Looks pretty good but maybe you could add some lighting and change the camera view so we can see the full render. Good job though!