My second GFX. What are your opinions?

This took me little over 2 hours to make, I think it’s a HUGE jump from my last one.
Couldn’t find a normal scythe, so I had to get this bone one.
(source image for pose)
It isn’t quite like the reference one, but still somewhat similair.
What are your opinions?

Also, I’ll be willing to try do a few other renders by request, just for training purpose
(only first 3 people to DM me here or on discord(Gatesby#3880) will get a render)


Not bad! Here’s my feedback:

  • I do notice some textures seem to be missing and the bacon hair is transparent. I see that you’re probably on Eevee (render engine on blender). I highly recommend switching over to Cycles for better lighting, textures, and quality of the render.

  • I like the way you’ve done your lighting! For future GFXs, I do recommend more than a simple white light.

  • You’re new to this, but try making a GFX in a scene with a background! Once you know how to do this, everything else will become a bit easier, such as lighting, posing, effects. Using good software for editing is key to enhancing any graphics.

You have great potential, so keep it up!

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