My second music creation

My first little song I made wasn’t that good, so I tried making another and I think it turned out ok. It’s longer, sounds better, and is less dissonant.

Feedback is appreciated!


My biggest critique on this is that the piece has no direction to it. The chords all seem randomly placed and there’s minimal melody. The only real melody that could be taken from this is the chords being broken up.

The bass sounds like a filler at the start and I think I could hear two notes clash around 0:25. The more I listen to the bass the more I hear a battle between the piano and bass for the listener’s attention. There’s too much going on and neither one compliments the other.

I am also not too sure of the drumset, it gives off a rather unsettling pacing to the music. Most of the set, like the hi-hat, comes in on a really strange beat. There’s more happening on beats 3+4 rather than having a strong downbeat on 1 and something to help carry the pacing on 2+4.

The ending doesn’t really cadence well/conclude nicely. It just abruptly ends. I’d definitely look into cadence types!

I’d suggest focusing on more melody writing techniques that could bring together a piece of music! There’s some improvements on some fronts but there’s also always room to keep growing :slightly_smiling_face:


I like the “idea” of this chill music. Very unique instruments, I like the piano as main instrument.
My problems is that you are very dissonant. What I recommended you do is keep the piano and use other instrument when necessary or if you have a better idea on to putting your note/rest. Also, if you just deleted the random drum noise every few second and increased the volume of the piano. It would be a solid 10/10. If you need anymore help flee free to message me. :wink:


Thanks so much! I’ll work on it

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Thank you! It seems like I need to work on some things. Also, would revising the music or creating a completely new one be better to improve?

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The music is great! The only problem I can think of that it feels like chords have been placed somewhat randomly and never repeat which makes It sound rather unnatural, but beside from that its great. :grinning:

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Keep it up, this fits the mood just right. I can see this being a lobby, open world area, or menu. It fits really well!

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Thank you! I might use it for a game

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The thing that I will recommended you to do.

A. Continue experimenting
B. Music theory: What I really want you to understand is that(some) great piece of music need to be repeat. I’m going to go much depth however imagine that there are only three phrase in your music, A, B an C. A will start playing followed by B and then repeated by A and then ended by C.
C. You your percussion wisely don’t add random beat’s to your music make them meaningful. Create a repeat soundtrack

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Alright, thank you! This is very helpful. Would the pattern still count if the notes were changed a bit? (Like if I did the same melody but the notes were changed)

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Absolutely, it can work most famous classical piece were made of that.

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