My showcase (i worked hours) feedback!

Let me know what you think of it and what I should improve!


Why is it 25 Robux?

Huh let me fix that real quick

Fixed it you can check it out now

The showcase is cute but there are a few things you should probably fix to make it be more polished.

  • Despite me laughing once my character phased through the floor, you can pick up the little jar at the side of the house,
    Then just jump around with it

  • floating rocc

  • The lanterns are janky, edges don’t allign

  • On all of the dirt and grass there is a bunch of Z-Fighting and it gets distracting.

  • The little circles which I am assuming is moss gets repetitive, probably change the colors up a bit, and make it less dense at the front of the house.

  • This lantern is not resting in a natural spot on this branch, i’d move it to the minimum point on the branch

  • Backwall not fully extended

  • The roof itself does not look that good to me, I am unusure if it is the rocks at the bottom used to support it or how things are overlapped but it does the job