My solo-dev game progress/learning experience (so far)

A while ago, I started development on my current project “inspired” by Doom Eternal.
This project was intended to be a learning experience for me to get better in ALL fields of development.

Obviously there are some glaring bugs that I need to fix, other than that, feedback, suggestions, and stuff I should improve on are welcome!



(new video recorded by my friend, my PC iz bad)

game if you’re interested:


Your game is awesome. You’ve got to be a vfx guy. The vfx in the game are so cool. One flaw though, on max graphics, almost everything is white.


its also cool how you remade the crucible. You are a legend


Wow, gotta love it, great job replicating all the weapons, keep up the good work!!

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Thank you! Tbh I don’t like the crucible model at the moment and will most likely make it look better in a future update.

Your game. Your decisions. I also liked the sci-fi theme. Everything is just mwah!

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