My Studio has a Bug


I need help with my studio I have been getting this errors out of no where

My studio has been like this for hours and am not able to do anything, I have tried restarting studio even my computer but nothing is working I double checked all my scripts and I still have this error.

I lost 900 lines of code last night trying to restart my studio and when I checked my auto saves they were no where to be found am devastated and lost someone help me.

Those are not errors. They are warnings and do not break the game anyhow. These are most likely Roblox issues.

Check if you have any code oriented around character manipulations. If you don’t, it’s definitely the former paragraph here.

This error is popular with characters of different scalings from 100%, since ValueObjects are created internally for use with R15 characters. The specific way to reproduce the issue, not sure, but I’m quite sure it’s been something unresolved here on the DevForum for a while.

Aha alright! But why did i lose a script and it’s not in auto saves.