My suspension breaks when it falls from air

Hi, I am making a chassis for a test, my problem is that when the car falls from the sky and bit a distance from the baseplate, then it breaks the car. Here’s how the car looks:

Here’s how it looks when it’s only on the ground:

Help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

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anchore it.

Like I don’t know how to anchor it. The suspension is not even a suspension after anchoring it.

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I cant see how you’ve put that together, but you’ll probably need more than one constraint per wheel. Something like a spring + a prismatic should do it.

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I am using Cylindrical and Spring(in every wheel). I just feel like Spring is breaking

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Do you have limits on the cylindrical joint?

Also you might want to use the Show Constraints button in the model tab :slight_smile:

I don’t have limits enabled on cylindrical joints. Should I enable it?

Yes, otherwise it can slide along the cylinder forever! Springs are only meant to provide an opposing force, a sufficiently big force will invert them just like you’re seeing.

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It still kinda does that glitch thingy. Any other solution?

I messed around with some properties in limits enabled, and now it works! Thanks a lot man.


quick guide for anyone that comes in the near future here are the settings i used