My third GFX (Blender & Cycles)

Hello! I had just made my third GFX using blender, I also tried to make it realistic by using cycles, I’m still new to making GFXs

Here is the final product, hope you like it :smile:


doesn’t look very realistic, there is no. background, shrubbery looks weird, some cars dont have rims, posing is kinda weird, and there’s a strip of blue. the lighting is quite nice though, but definitely needs improvements on shadows and stuff like that.


Id have to agree with @IceTheOneAndOnly on this one, your GFX can really use a lot of enhancements, including the blue car that’s like 0.5 studs into the ground… I do love the lighting but the humanoid does look out of place or in a weird stance, overall you can improve your GFX on theme selection, and most importantly the background. Try something city wise like you’ll realistically see in real life. But keep up the great work! You have amazing potential ahead of you.


The whole image looks way to bright. There is no global shadows included with the image. The models look fantastic, but the lighting needs improvement.

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