My Thoughts on the new Roblox Avatars

Roblox made some awesome updates recently.

But the Roblox community (not everyone) hated this update, in particular, New Avatars. Their reason was that those characters didn’t look like Roblox Avatars.

One of the main reasons that people don’t like Roblox or think it’s a kids’ game is because of its graphics.
I think that if Roblox makes those avatars look more realistic they can look awesome with Future Is Bright and Roblox can get more players.

I do understand that those new avatars don’t look like Roblox but I think they can make Roblox more realistic.
Imagine how realistic Roblox will be in a year if they keep on making updates like this.
I personally like those avatars.

Like I said if they make those avatars more realistic and add more awesome updates like this Roblox will become an awesome platform.

Please reply with your opinions.
Have A Good Day