My train is unstable and keeps jumping

I’ve been working on a train simulator named LTA: Strongstead Island RR since 2021, which is based on the bustling North American commuter rail system, Long Island Rail Road in NY/Long Island. I’ve equipped my train, the LinearVelocity, with sufficient power and a realistic suspension system, as well as efficient couplers. The game operates with a gravity setting of 35, which is equivalent to real-world gravity, to ensure a smooth suspension experience. However, despite these efforts, the train remains unstable, exhibiting stuttering, jumping, and erratic behavior, particularly during acceleration.

I’ve tried several methods to resolve this issue, but only achieved a success rate of 30-80%. These attempts include increasing the weight of the train, improving the coupler’s efficiency, reducing the weight of the bogies, and even increasing the gravity setting. While these efforts have reduced the instability to some extent, the problem persists.
This is how the train is supposed to run:

I would advise making more secure gliders, if possible could you show me the gliders?

Apologies for the late reply are you still having this issue

I already fixed the issue. I change the CollisionFidelity from PresiceConvexHull to Box and I reduced the MaxForce of the suspension.

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Good to hear, Although I don’t recommend using springs for your suspension as they are unreliable, use terrible ROBLOX physics and could potentially be a serious optimisation issue. I recommend learning about raycasting and CFrame train driving systems.


I don’t understand what’s the deal with CFrame. Physics is easier and it’s way better in my opinion. I like realism, CFrame is bland to me. I think CFrame would be better for something more simple other than a Driving System.


CFrame allows for more customization. You can work with a lot of different properties to how you like. Physics does work your for your case, but I feel it would be a good experience to learn CFrame as roblox continued to improve its physics.

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Increase the Damping on the springs, this might fix the jumping problem.