My truck ramp project

Hello there, I am making a ramp for my truck and I have a problem;

The ramp has 2 parts, each one has its own fold animation.


1 = Green part, it folds first and it can fold without affecting 2
2 = Red part, it folds after 1, 2 must be linked to it.

1 Folds:
then 2 must fold to its angle but the problem is I can’t rotate number 2 with 1.

How can I weld the number 1 to 2?

Also here is some more info:

FG has motor in it, B is the pivot, B and FG are anchored, MAIN is not. (Main is the ramp parts)

Combine it to 1 animation…

They must fold separately and this must be the final image.
Number 1 must be connected to number 2 without affecting their movement.

OK, so weld it and tween it…

Use weld contstraint.

will look like it.

sorry for my english! :slight_smile:

Man, I am asking how to do it but you are just saying.

Here is a helpful tutorial on how to tween models which includes how to tween parts on a hinge.

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I am saing, if you need simple move, use weld and Tween