My turn combos what do you think?

7 turn combos this took me about 2 weeks with breaks and homework.
Do you people like it? add a heart or send a reply.
Any suggestions or constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated.

Want to see more dances, used at dance school I do well with ballet, contemporary moves not combos and obviously I love to make turn combos.

I was inspired watching other people dance in real life on youtube!


I will take any constructive feedback, I have only used the regular roblox 2016 animation editor. That’s it.


Most of them look pretty good, but in the last one the last part of the animation seemed kind of stiff. I really like how fluid they all are though! :+1:

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@Roblozinko Thank you, I’ll work on it.


Think you’ve done a great job overall, keep up with the good work! Pretty sure a lot of people will find this kind of game interesting.

@httpDerpyy Thank you very much!

I noticed that in this one which i guess is the 4th or the 5th one in your series has a unusuallyfast spin which makes it look weird maybe you could increase the time period in between the frames so it looks better
Hope This Helps :smiley:

This speed on beggins to increase towards the end and not at the start

@SillyNumaan123 Yes that does help thank you very much!