(My TV) Working!

  • A Video is Built into the tv. Place the tv down on your studio map then click TestGame/Play and it should work!
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Nice! You made the TV! I like it how you can put videos on it! Good work! :smiley:

There’s a Video built into the TV so when you place the TV in studio just click play then the video should work.

Okay, cool! I’ll try that out!

Neat! You’re pretty good at this kind of thing. I might buy this.

Would you like help to make a realistic flat screen tv? I’m in the process of making one now!
With video in roblox now I can have a working tv! To make it like a realistic tv I can make it where you can connect devices to it or adjust the backlight, color, and hue! I already made it working and you can test it out here!


That’s nice! I love how you put videos on it. Nice work!

Maybe you can do a flat-screen TV next! :laughing:

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Unfortunately my Laptop Broke so I have to wait till I get a new one :confused: so I can’t use Roblox studio.

Just what I needed! :upside_down_face:

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