My UGC’s Items (Demonstration)

This is my Items UGC made in blender:

This is a developer backpack I made using Blender:
portfolio UGC 1

This is a developer hat I made in blender:
portfolio UGC 2

this is a wooden sword I made using blender and roblox studio:

portfolio UGC 3

and this is a NOOB OOF top hat I made in blender:
portfolio UGC 4

That and all, tell me what you think! and I would love to participate in the UGC program, thank you!


The hat is the best one out of them all imo.

Little request, can you try and make it a head item, and make it big so it covers the actual roblox head? I would love to use it IF you make it possible

honestly the sword one is too basic and the NOOB OOF just straight up sucks the first 2 are acc good.

Developer hat is a one I can respect but the other ones are made too lazily,

The developer’s hat is simply made at the highest level!