My UI is having scaling issues?

Hello! I am making a new game and am having problems with UI scaling. On different screen sizes, the UI is moving position. Is there a way to fix/lock that? I will leave a video below, if you need more information, let me know

The only UI section that is not functioning properly is the UI buttons under the Currency Displays

Use scale instead of offset.
Character minimum. ):

I am using scale

Character minimum.

Try to use scale position and offset size. That’s what I used for my game. But if the viewport gets too narrow, the buttons might get too big.

Move them to under the same screengui that the two labels above are in.

Ok, so I’ve had this problem before, and the way i solved it is by checking the size… you see the size should be like this {0.142,0,0.145,0} and not {0,1,0,1} basiclly the second and fourth number should be 0

I fixed the problem, I am using a list layout for animations, all I had to do was change the orientation to left. I don’t know who I am going to give the solution to, But thanks!