My UI looks smushed when mobile devices have their screens not rotated

This is how my UI looks normally on all devices. Don’t mind the text being blurry, that’s just Studio.

However there’s an issue when players don’t rotate their mobile devices, the UI looks squished to the center. How would I be able to have it not get squished like in the original screenshot?

You can force the screen sideways: ScreenOrientation | Roblox Creator Documentation

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You are required to utilise a UIAspectRatioConstraint object to, as the name suggests, keep the aspect ratio and avoid squishing.

Use Autoscale Lite by ZacBytes, it has a built-in feature to do this for you.

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I tried the plugin and it works beautifully, but I’m curious how can I make the UI bigger if the screen isn’t rotated?

I don’t wish to make it bigger in general as it’s a little notification prompt and I don’t want it to take up the whole screen on PCs, but I’d like it to be enlarged for smaller devices like so.

Edit: I found a solution that seems to work.


Playing with these two properties made it a nice size while also keeping the size big enough so that the text is readable on very small devices.

Get the current orientation and if it’s portrait then make the gui bigger, if it’s landscape, make the gui smaller.

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