My unions are disappearing when I publish them to ROBLOX

My union literally just disappeared upon uploading the model of the gun to Roblox. Any fixes? How did this happen?


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Here’s your best bet: How to recover invisible / corrupt unions

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There is also currently a bug where new unions will disappear after you publish and a 404 error will be printed to output. You should restart Studio when this happens.

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Hi, this has happened to me before several times, and I can agree with you that this is sometimes irritating because you spend several hours making the project. I found that saving the game to your desktop, or saving unions to your desktop can allow you to re-insert them into the original game most of the time.

Hope this works for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I learned how to fix this (it works 99% of the time for me).

If you press “Publish” and the union disappears instantly, do Ctrl+Z, make it a union again and publish again. It will disappear for like 3 seconds but it’ll come back.