My Upcoming Horror Game

So currently I am developing a new horror game and I provided screenshots to show you how it looks like:

(I worked on this for 1 hour and 30 minutes by the time this gets uploaded.)

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What exactly are you looking for, this category is for support. Do you want feedback or? image

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My bad for not saying it early but yes please provide feedback!

Okay, seeing you posted this in building support I’ll give you ideas on how to improve your builds based on how they look. Most of my reviews and tips will be based on how scary, good-looking, and practical they are,


I think this build is O.K, however there do seem to be a few free models as well as it looking a tad bit empty. Some advice I’d give to you in order to improve the build I’d add some decorations inside the house, make it gloomy and dark, and possibly even add some interesting mechanics which is up to you yourself.


Alright, for this building, the first thing I’d advise you to do would be to start fixing the enviroment, possibly by making the flowers nice smooth shapes instead of cubes and making the floor into generated terrain and put on grass to make it feel more full. Also, I’d say make the gates detailed buildings instead of decals which makes it a little lazy as well as make the sky darker in order to give a creepy vibe. Lastly, I can’t say much about the trees which seem to be okay, but the lanterns look great and I’d honestly let them be.

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