My vehicles are very bumpy/bouncy

i am currently working on vehicles for my game, but for some reason they seem to be very bumpy/bouncy. I have tried increasing their weight but it doesn’t really help and they just start to sink instead of floating on the water. anything else i could do? any help appreciated.
here’s a gif explaining my issue

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If you could give a small rundown on how the vehicles work, it would help alot in trying to see why its so bouncy. Even though that gif is hilarious it doesnt give many clues as to why it breaks


these are the things im using to make the vehicles move. i can provide the script as well if necessary

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Chances are the Bodygyro or possibly the BodyPosition is causing the issues, mess with the values to see if it changes anything

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doesnt really seem to work. it only gets worse

Remove BodyGyro from scripts and model and then check.

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nope, it is still not working.

Have you attempted to not hit every tree?

J/K, thats still an impressive bounce. Make the bushes non-collide, and you probably need to write crash code (anchor/stop/unanchor if you hit a tree, just to remove momentum)

it doesnt only bounce when i hit the trees it literally bounces no matter what i crash into

You are objecting to physics of the “rag doll” system used by Roblox. Understandable. You are going to either need to stop the tossing of the boat, or make the trees give way.