My version of the Multiplayer Studio Plugin [ Beta? ]

I managed to put this one together pretty quickly.
This one grabs the Lua scripts (used by the Start Server & Start Player buttons) from the website using the loadfile function, and executes them with arguments obtained by the GUI.

Functions (Notice, they should have http:// before them)
Start Server:
Starts a Roblox Server with the placeId as 0 and the host’s port as 53640

Join Server:
Makes studio start a client join under the UserID of 0, with the server port being 53640 and the serverIP being the localhost.

Why beta? I haven’t been able to successfully connect my friend to one of my servers yet, so I’m not too sure if this works completely yet. I am using the correct arguments though & it works if I host/join a server locally. So I think it should work if you actually know how to open the port for your server (unlike me :P)

Have fun!

wat? I thought you needed level 7 for those scripts to function.
Command bar / plugins are only level 1 (higher than local/script)

plus, try connecting with Hamachi. ROBLOX hosts servers internally, so that’s why you need some form of VPN between two people which aren’t on the same network.