My very first creation on Roblox

Hi, my name is Stalog and I joined a week ago or so. I do have few years of experience with C++, Python, however I wanted to try something new. So one week ago I made a decision with my friend @CrazyPista to try making a game together. We split the jobs, he did building and graphics and I did the scripting side of the game.

It’s an Obby, with bunch of “Unique” stages and design I’d say.
It took us like a week, and I hope y’all will enjoy it and give me some honest feedbacks!

Thank you,


Really REALLY nice game! I’ve been making games on roblox since early 2017(started to program in 2018). This is something that I could produce now with 4 years of experience in roblox game making. And to see you make this as your first game is really astonishing !!! Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see what you make in the future! One complaint is that the kill bricks have HUGE hit boxes.


Wow, I definitely didn’t expect that, thank you!
I’ll look at it again.


The game is pretty nice, but I would like to see more stages like the beaming laser one. Most of the stages are pretty normal and more stages as that one could make it more interesting.


Yeah, there are few similar stages to the laser one, however they are split apart trough the parts so it’s not too repetetive. However I’ll add more of those. Thank you.


Dude, this can’t be your first creation. Totally better than my other current games lol.

killbricks have huge hitboxes

This is an incredible start, you just have to watch for bugs.

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Everything should be fixed now, just not published yet. Thank you so much for the feedbacks.

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Just updated it, everything SHOULD be fine now. I made some stages easier, and fixed some minor bugs.

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Its a good game overall however i believe their is some things which need to be improved/added such as:

  • Add indications on which way to go next.

  • I only played for about 10 levels but i realised there was a fairly high amount of parts which can be avoided and i believe this may become a problem in the future (lag) so you may need to optimise on that now to avoid future problems.

  • Potentially add a few more checkpoints as even though i only played for about 10 levels i think at times a checkpoint should have been placed however its nothing severe and if anything it will help you with player retention.

  • Add a currency system i.e every level you complete you get a gem which can be spent on trails or power-ups (such as an extra life), this can be good monetisation but also can slightly help with player retention as it splits it apart from other obby’s which mostly do not have a currency system.

  • I didn’t actually see if you had this but rebirths, when someone completed an obby they can’t progress but a rebirth system allows that to happen.

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So I’m gonna split the answers in points.

  1. Great idea sometimes it is a little bit frustrating.

  2. That’s why there is streaming enabled which should lower the impact. But I will definitely take a note about this.

  3. I already made some stages simpler, shorter but i’ll definitely look for other feedbacks on this.

  4. We actually had a coin system but we were too lazy to make an UI for it. Maybe we could get it back sometime.

  5. We wanted to do that too, each rebirth would unlock some special dimension etc. But that kinda fell of because we were lazy again :confused:

Thank you so much for this feedback, I really appreciate it!


This obby was very enjoyable and was a breath of fresh air from usual obby games! I’ve been playing since 2014 and the amount of “get eaten” obbies I’ve seen is immeasurable. There was no theme which made them undistinguishable from one another. I wish I had grown up with this.
The theme itself isn’t the only good thing. Unlike other obbies, this obby doesn’t spam free models and UI all over the screen. It’s much less minor. Definitely a top pick for me!
However, I still do have some pros and cons to showcase. Here’s my list.

  • The design was top notch for an obby game. The pillars, props, everything was well designed. The checkpoints even had their own animation! It was very appealing to look at.
  • There were some very creative stages. My two favorite ones were the laser one located in the “Ancient” dimension. And the disappearing platform walk in the “Vaporwave” dimension. What do these stages have in common? They’re both scripted obstacles. This is where it is at, the best stages.
  • Each world showed a variety of ideas. For example, the “Toxic” dimension showcased a bunch of rust, sewers, toxic waste, and nuclear signs. Variety is king.
  • Your thumbnail is good. (As always Scar : D)
  • The scenes you tried to create were progressively getting better. Not to mention, the gameplay and designs were getting slightly better! This is a good sign, and you seemingly don’t have any limits!
  • Speaking of design, the end islands were the best designed (they show where you teleport.)
    *I like how you guys use certain props as stages themselves. For example, the last stage which is a sewer pipe could have easily been decoration. Instead, we went inside the sewer itself, dodging obstacles. This is a creative use of using everything in your environment to your advantage.


  • The gameplay was very repetitive. I found myself doing jumps up to 10 times. It wasn’t fun. Not to mention, the same obstacle design was repeated too.
  • There’s an unfortunate amount of model spam. I know creating a massive variety of items is time consuming and boring, but you can at least switch up the jumps.
  • The dimensions could be more immersive if they had walls surrounding them. You can theme it after the current dimension you’re in!
  • Some stages were boring and time consuming. The two worst offenders were the “choose your path” door type obstacles and the mazes. There was one killbrick maze on the early stages that took me 3 minutes to traverse! I know you shortened it but I’m kind of floored about the fact that it was even made that lengthy. Then, the doors were quite bad. You had to go through the right door about 4+ times and with that came a lot of death and memorization. Not fun at all in my opinion.
  • Some stages were harder than others. I found the “Ancient” world to be the hardest even if it was only the first.
  • The route should be more dynamic. Currently, the stages are all in a linear fashion meaning in a straight line. Frankly it looks boring to me. Why not have it curve so everyone can see what’s next? It’s also a way to fill in all the empty space you have around the dimensions. Use the stages themselves to fill the void.

Extra Suggestions

  • Maybe a stage select to go back to previous stages to help your friends or for yourself? I don’t want to reset my progress.

Dimension Awards
Best Gameplay: Ancient Dimension
Best Design: Ancient Dimension
Best Environment: Toxic Dimension
Best Mechanics: Vaporwave Dimension
Worst Gameplay: Vaporwave Dimension
Worst Design: Vaporwave Dimension
Worst Environment: Vaporwave Dimension
Worst Mechanics: Toxic Dimension

Yes, I’m aware that you guys are updating the game to be better, even if it’s already great! But these are just some tips to avoid future mistakes. I wish you the best of luck in your game and I hope it gets hundreds of players just as you intended.


This is just great, thank you so much that you actually spent some time to play trough the whole game and wrote such a review. This will definitely help to make it almost perfect!

Thank you.

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Thanks for the cons and pros, you pinpointed everything to a single dot. Thanks a alot! We will be updating every single stage one by one to be as fun as possible but stil a little bit of a challenege! :happy3:

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I tried to not make a long post but, If Im being honest this game has a lot of flaws that are being ignored and neglected. Some parts of the game are lazily made and don’t have much effort put into them; some gameplay flaws are not being seen to be focused at.

The Game has a great atmosphere and is interesting, but the developers’ put flaws into the game that may repel players out of it.

The Stage Skip can be easily abused, makes the game unfair EVEN if you add free skips. Some of the game Design has been rushed, you should also fix some game bugs.

Judging from the obbys I’ve been through, a tiny bit of them seems like they are made super hard or just basically impossible level, as if they were made for game skips to be used.

Game skips makes the game unfair and ruins the entirety of even playing the game, I mean, what’s the point of playing a game and beating it when I can spend all of my money to beat it? Seems like a waste of time. Not only that but, the skips cost 35 amounts of Robux which is also really unfair. A player with 350 robux can skip through 10 stages and a player with 70 Robux can even skip 20 stages, what if I got to stage 40 and just skipped to 60, thats complete nonsense.

And even if a skip stage button doesn’t affect a player, it kills the reason for playing the game if you look at my scenario.

I would rate this a rough 6.8/10

To many game flaws being ignored, obby levels seem like useless guessing games where I have to guess for a color and then die because I got it wrong, thats a waste of time and I bet you players will leave because of that.

Some of my opinions also have been neglected and just straight up ignored because 30 or 30+ players also need to agree with me.

I also feel as if you ignored my comments that are cons of the game, thats not taking constructive criticism in really good.

Remember, this is a player and developers’ opinion and should be only seen as constructive criticism, this should not be seen as hate as this is just my honest feedback from me.

Im not going to reply to any messages on this thread so please don’t reply.

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How can a skip stage ruin anyone’s gameplay? You have two free skips at the start of the obby and you can use them whenever you want, but you gotta use them wisely. The obby is beatable and the (find the path) stage is literally easy, You can use a click to move or just look at the visible parts that we made to make the stage easier to beat. Out of 40 people who played it, nobody mentioned the skipped stage nor how it would affect the gameplay. You make the decisions in the game and it wont affect you in any kind of way, even some players actually greed that it doesn’t ruin the players experience.

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We agree about the rushed parts etc. But I don’t really agree with the skips. It’s the player’s choice.
Also every stage is beatable and we are actually gathering feedbacks about the stages and we are tweaking them. We already changed half of the first Part, and we are also planning on reworking the whole second Part. We took all the feedback and we are trying to improve everything.

Anyway, thank you for the feedback it’s appreciated.


Lettin y’all know that we released an update in which we basically reworked the Ancient part and tweaked the Vaporwave part.
Also i added a stage selector so you can go back and forth.

  • some other things that aren’t so much important.

kinglol123468, need to look him account
also joined in 2021 stop lying!

Im super impressed…Well done man!

Whatcha talking about?