My very own, very nice, AWESOME, 1st GFX

Hi guys! Happy here, I looked through an enormous amount of tutorials and finally made my very own GFX of me, and my friend moonvane!

Constructive is very much appreciated! Thanks, guys!



It look really good for your first GFX!

Keep up the good job! :+1:


Amazing work! Looks really sharp!


Great, looking really nice for your first GFX.

Now try changing the colors of the lights once. It gives a pretty cool effect.

Also, you could have more scenery and if you really wanted to spice it up you could add effects in a 2D Graphic Editor like Photoshop, Gimp, etc.


Looks amazing!
However, for the first one ill add a shadow where ever the light is pointing. (In my opinion)
Keep up the work bud! Happy developing!

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Also, on another note Roblox their textures are most times unnatural and not good looking when imported to blender.

For example, the beard has really high roughness but even more important the “specular” of it is really low. In real life, every object has specular so set this property in the shader tab to 0.5 which is realistic then play around with the roughness.

Last all items imported from Roblox itself are usually low poly. This is great in a game where too high poly count will draw a lot of performance but in blender it’s fine to have high poly count especially in renders/GFX.
You must be thinking, how do I increase the poly count? It’s really simple all you have to do is add a subsurface Subdivision Surface Modifier to the object, and it will smooth out the edges.
Screenshot 2020-12-19 at 00.05.57