My VR is not working

so i was trying to play a game in vr but roblox is not detecting my vr headset forsome reason
i have tryed deleteing the entire appdatafolder 3 times reinstalled it twice and even restarted my pc and headset and still is not working

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Im having the same isssue. I tested it on Opposer VR and also Edgeworks and it says VR is not detected. Saw someone else in a Opposer server say its not working too. Must be a error.

i might of found a fix but you have to do this everytime click on a game on the website then play it once your on the desktop app lauch a game from there it works for me like that

Iā€™m not sure if we had the same problem, but I was having a similar issue around the same time. I use a Quest 2 with airlink (not sure if that changes anything) but I found that first connecting to my computer and then opening the Roblox app instead of using the website works for me. Maybe Roblox updated VR because after I figured this out, I noticed a drop in the amount of VR players in VR enabled games.