My VS2 Tractors Are Falling Apart!

Some time ago, i made 3 John Deere tractors that i had not tested yet. I tested them now and WHAM! They fall apart. Like this

One on the left had tracks.

How do i fix this?
NOTE: Tractors were anchored beforehand like VS2’s manual.
brokendeeres.rbxm (29.7 KB)

you need to weld the tractor parts together

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VS2 does that automatically in a script i cant remember it said all you need to do is anchor it and it will weld it but it didnt


It’s working for me, the chassis Parts and all the sub models are all welding together.
You don’t have any HIngeConstraints joining the Wheels to the chassis parts, or welds between the other models so that’s why they are dropping off. It looks like there’s a script that’s supposed to set up your HingeConstraints after the vehicle is together.

If you look in your Output window you’ll see 3 errors when testing. There’s something wrong to do with line 35 of your VehicleSeat2Module where it’s failing to find “parent handle” part. I didn’t get into it but I’d start with the naming of your parts.

I think:

  1. I accidentally put the Handle in Body
  2. I didn’t lower the AHandle enough
  3. I changed something wrong.

If those fixed the problem please mark your post as the Solution.

Turns out VS2 doesn’t like grouped bodies, and the tourqe was too low.


What errors are you getting in your Output window? That will tell you exactly what lines in the script are being affected.

No errors. It’s in another post.

I meant like, its staying together but not moving.

So that probably means you need to look at the script that is driving your vehicle.

When testing are ANY of the Parts of the model still Anchored?
When you sit in the Vehicleseat in test mode are you getting the steering and throttle inputs in the VehicleSeat Properties?
Does the script you are using even use the VehicleSeat inputs or does it use UserInputService?
Did you follow all the directions in the script precisely? Many free model scripts are written with notes (or have a Read Me script) telling you to exactly where to put items like wheels and the scripts in different areas (folders, other models, or inside other Parts) of the model.