My walkspeed anti cheat

I have been working on this speedhack anti cheat that is server sided and it also does not allow you to teleport


18 walkspeed was the fastest i could go before it starts to stop me
idk if decimals work on the walkspeed but i tested 18.9 it still didnt stop me, but any more than 4 studs teleport and 18 walkspeed and i got stopped. Good job

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Do you plan on making it open-source?

maybe, if it gets any attention

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I WiLl ShArE ThE CoDE iF I gEt 3k PlAcE ViSitS oN mY GaMe BaNdit BaShErs

that is a joke but it would be nice

Ok, I fixed the glitch where teleporting would not add to the heat, now you can be kicked for teleporting too

just some advice but you could make a remote event and do event:FireServer(Humanoid, ClientSpeed) and set it up to a server sided anti cheat so that the server will set it server sided and the server can detect if is to fast. Clients are very easy for hackers to change

the anti cheat is server sided, it all works on the server but the change walkspeed and teleport buttons are on the client because hackers use client