My website practice for Nationals

I’m heading down to Kentucky this week for SkillsUSA and I will be participating in the national web design competition.

Here is my practice website:





What do you guys think?


Looks good, I hope you win

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Thanks! Its going to be a really fun experience regardless of if I medal or not.

I didn’t know what was a thing… Cool!

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that’s neat. How long did it take you and why did you use gyazo to record it lol

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Took me about 6-7 hours to make it all, but spread out across two days.

I used gyazo because I use gyazo for all my screenshots/snapshots. Simply its become a habbit and I don’t change to any newer alternatives.

ShareX is a million times better



Try adding a Fab to contact you or something if you feel like it.

Looks good.

Looks good but what font is that? I don’t agree with it.

Also make the navbar a little taller and perhaps soften the shadows and bam perfect

I like it. Would be clean if you added title text (white and thin) to the first background image (the forest/bridge). Maybe a shadow gradient bottom up?

Very sleek though.

Good luck!