My weekly cyberpunk game update!

This is my first week doing it! I do this just because people like me enjoy the genre so much and love anything they can see! Here is the link to the game as always: District-12 - Roblox

Think of this like a devlog

You can check out some pictures too (this is because the game is designed for future lighting which is only allowed in studio).

I’d love to hear any feedback/suggestions you have!

First post:What do you think of my cyber punk build so far?


I really like the map. It’s the lighting that is bugging me. I’m not sure how to explain it, but it looks too… faded out I guess? I don’t know how to fix it. Sorry! :pensive:


also why do i have weapons, a grenade, and some bloxy cola? other than that it looks great!

It is for features i have planned.

OOOOOOOOOO. thats nice! but what about the weapons?

Its going to be a pvp game maybe.

oh ok that elaborates a bit onto that! thanks for elaborating

Thank you for the tip! I have changed the lighting a bit!

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the lighting is off, somethings are dirty and some things are clean even when right next to each other, most of the textures don’t clash, the street should be much much wider for cars and stuff, I don’t really like it because of the blocky items and the meshes its a very weird clash, and this is all coming from someone who lives in NYC I also think there should be more big corporate businesses like you see the same logo everywhere you go even if it’s in small places like t-shirts boxes doors and computers, this game has a lot of potential though make sure that things that are on the street look worn down and degraded, id love to play this in the future when it gets better please dont lose hope.

Please tell me when its finished tho id love to test it along the way

Ok im sorry but there is a fine line between constructive criticism and being mean. And i feel like this croesses it. Saying that is literally just insulting. The rest of it is fine however.

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Im sorry I didn’t intent it to be that way I mean in the future when you finnish it, I really love the trains going through the buildings tho I really like that detail

I really like it, however, it’s too dark.

It looks like there’s some sort of black UI or color that is tinting the screen, making everything look like an uglier version of itself.

It would be better for it to be bright colors in high contrast so you get that nighttime bright lights feel

One second ill try it out! (characters minumum)

is this what you mean?

or this?

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Screenshot number two looks better. However, it still looks weird. Can we see your lighting settings?

This is number 2




I like the map but it feels really squished and tight,

That is the way it is supposed to feel! It is good if you feel that way about the map!

forgot to mention there is also a daytime!