My WIP Obby Showcase!

Hi to the people who read this, What do you guys honestly think about the obby stages I am currently working on below? This obby doesn’t have a name yet tho… Any feedback is highly appreciated! :smiley:

Feel free to give suggestions too, I guess…

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Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


That is quite outstanding detail

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I really like the detail on it!
Most obby’s there all just straight up parts or something!

Its just like a a banana(We love bananas)
Its very A-PEELING, ha see what I did there?
I said it was like a banana, and then said it was A-PEELING! Get it? No ok then . . .

Also when does this come out???


It doesn’t have a release date yet tho… but it might take atleast 2 more months

thanks for the feedback

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I gotta say, I LOVE how each area has a different theme (yellow area has the “gear” theme, orange has the “mineshaft” theme)!! I’ll definitely play this when it comes out! Keep up the good work! :smiley:

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All I can say is that just looks amazing. Good luck on your obby!

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Hello guys, thank you very much for the feedback, I’ve also added one extra showcase photo of my obby.

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