Myst - Builder for-hire

About Me

Hello! My name is Myst I am a builder I have been building for a few months now but I have been on the Roblox website for 5 years I believe I can do pretty much all styles of builds except very realistic I specialize in low poly
I usually don’t do long-term works I prefer short-term


Heres a Homestore I've built


Heres a tower obby stage that I've Built (some of the objects move)

Heres a Random Build I've built


I am able to work 6 hours a day during these days But usually due to school I am only free on the weekends I can only do 2 hours of work on school days on the weekends I am usually free


Prices are negotiable, I don’t take % I prefer payment in game pass (with the taxes) due to the new Roblox group update I usually take 1k+ (less too but it depends) so like 1-6k Robux I don’t take USD yet


You can contact me On discord Myst#6929 or on Twitter @MystWasTaken1

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: