Mysterious Unwanted Text Box Appearing

Hello developers,
I’m remaking my drawing game but my problem is, my mouse icon is changing to like there’s a textbox so it makes it focused. I don’t want this because my script is

if not UIS:GetFocusedTextBox() then
-- Drawing script

so it won’t draw anything if it’s focused to any textbox. here’s a video
Timestap: 0:07

it’s impossible that the textbox are the drawing because the script is

local PIXEL ="Frame")
-- Few more script

so it’s a frame, not a textbox.

I’ve tried searching but, it doesn’t match with my problem,
what i found:

More info:
none of the UI frame there have a textbox children except the chat. but the chat textbox is far from the middle where the problem is.

Have you tried check the explorer while in play-mode to see what appears in that area?

yes i’ve tried that but i don’t see any textbox

There isn’t another UI placed back the frame that interferes? Try check that again.


Mysterious textbox - YouTube, here’s a video

Wait, you had a point, it finally works thanks! it’s because in other ScreenGui there’s a textbox so when it hovered that part it focused it. So i set the ScreenGUI enabled to false and it works! thanks again!

In the searchbar of the explorer, search “ClassName:TextBox”, it will make all objects with Class TextBox appear