"MYSTERY UNSOLVED" - Photorealistic/cinematic render

“MYSTERY UNSOLVED” - Photorealistic render by @ItalimpexFX (Italimpex Productions)

  • Made in Blender


Look Nice, Good Job, Keep up the good work!

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Looks great, although I would suggest reducing the amount of background circles.

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glass has no shadow at all, just something i noticed

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It looks great! Keep up the nice work. However, the glass and paper in it have no shadow. And personally, I think that the blur in the background should be more dot-ish, and it’s currently more ellipse-ish. (Bokeh) But still, it’s really nice just focusing on the fact that this isn’t a picture!

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Yeah it kinda looks like it’s floating.

Maybe that’s the mystery?

The mystery of the Floating Glass
By Italimpex Productions