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My game myTalent

Hi there, my name is True and my game is myTalent… myTalent is a game inspired by Roblox Talent Show or as known is real life RGT/BGT we are not sure how we will get players as we don’t have robux does anyone have any thoughts on how we could get players to join our game? A shop and more will be coming soon…

People who worked on myTalent
Me - @UhTrue
Joe - @Aviation_Joe

If you are interested in checking my game out the link can be found here.

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I think you should make it unique. Because probably 60% is “stolen” from original game.


What do you mean by stolen? I did not take any of their assets. Do you have any ideas on how to make it more unique?

I think he means that the idea has been done and your game may not have that much of a chance between the og.

You could a replay system that saves and players can view other acts and vote etc. This is possible and should be easy for your game’s style.

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It looks interesting, but my only concern is that there are currently other games similar to this that are already very popular and without meaning to sound rude, yours has nothing yet to set it apart from them - other than a different name.

Hey there! I remember seeing this game on rotank lol. Anyways, I have noticed some flaws in the game.

Playing is spelt wrong.
Also, this guy’s hair is positioned weird.
Thats all as I couldn’t play the main part of the game as there were no judges. Overall the game is pretty cool!

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I appreciate your reply, currently their is only one game that is out right now that is still being updated and is popular.

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Hi! Thanks for the reply. We will be sure to get these things fixed. Thank you. If you would want to check out more of the game let me know on discord, UhTrue#8084

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