Mythical Usernames - Clarification on Ranks

This post was established to clarify the definition of the rank you have received in Mythical Usernames, a group dedicated to rare names.

  • Normal Names: You have an average username. An example is “roberto72601.”

  • Unique Names: This indicates that your name is out of the ordinary, or cool names.

  • L337speak: Username uses another character to replace a letter such as i instead of l as in “Iampshade” or “rem3mbrance.”

  • Phrases: Your username consists of more than one word. One example is “YouGotRanked.”

  • Underscores: You have an underscore somewhere within your name. An example is “Food_Water.”

  • Funny Names: We have found your username to be funny. If you have to ask for funny names, then you will not receive this rank.

  • UGC Snipes: You name yourself after an existing UGC item in the catalog.

  • Catalog Snipes: You have a name that is based off an item in the Avatar Shop. Can only be items created by the official Roblox account, all UGC items go into UGC Snipes.

  • Amazing Names: Your username stands out from the crowd more so than those in Unique Names.

  • Duplicate Names: More than one of the same username created to intentionally copy each other.

  • Products & Companies: Items for retail sale, or names of companies.

  • Location Names: These are the names of real life geographical areas.

  • Celestial Objects: Your username is based off an object in the universe. An example is “Kepler22b.”

  • Real Words: These usernames include a dictionary definition.

  • Chemical Names: These are the names granted to real chemical compounds. Examples include “ManganeseHeptoxide” and “Diborane.”

  • Numeral Names: Names such as “208494.” Users in this category must only have numbers. This means no letters or underscores whatsoever.

  • 5 Characters: Your username consists of only 5 characters.

  • 4 Characters: Your username consists of only 4 characters.

  • 3 Characters: Your username consists of only 3 characters.

  • Old Users: You created your account in 2006-2011. People who have received this status may request a rerank where they will be sorted according to their username.

  • ID Snipes: You have a special User ID such as 10000.

  • Double Underscores*: Name contains exactly 2 underscores.

  • Elite Names: Names such as “Blocked” or “Lights” apply here. You can view this rank as “Name Snipe-lite.” Pronounceable 4 letter names such as my own also fit in this category.

  • Name Snipe: Commonly used words such as year, mad, or chat.

  • Divine Names: Impossible to create. Examples include spaces, 20+ characters, and so forth.

  • Name Snipers: You have to create 10 usernames that join the group. People who have over 10 unique name changes also get this rank.

  • ID Snipers: You must create 5 special User IDs that join this group.

  • Ambassador: Successfully invite five people to MU, with proof sent on the group wall. You cannot recruit alt accounts as evidence to obtain this role.

  • Best AOTD: The definition of this rank is “Best Answer of the Day.” It is handed out to our personal favorite comment. Note that one who has the rank cannot obtain it for the next 24 hours.

*Only applies to roblox_user_[ID] usernames. All other double underscore usernames will be ranked Divine.
Note that Name Snipers, ID Snipers, and Ambassadors can be obtained on alternative accounts. You must provide evidence that you meet requirements for the appropriate rank twice in order to promote your alt. For example, if you ask for Name Snipers twice, then you must provide 20 separate accounts in total as evidence.

Hopefully this post was helpful in explaining all of the ranks inside of MU.
Rare Names Revolution.
This post was last updated on 06.08.2023.