Mythical World 2 - Roleplay game - Feedback needed

My newest game Mythical World 2 has been in about 5 days of development. The game supports PC, Mobile and Tablet. It currently allows the player to:

  • become mythical characters
  • customise them (colours, accessories)
  • play emotes
  • explore the map and find items to then be able to wear them

In the future, I plan to add more accessories and expand the map.

I would appreciate it if you could check the game out and write about your initial impressions. What kind of features do good roleplay games need? How would I go about improving the rating on a game like this?


is this the same look in other game but is this better from other game???

Your cursor is shown in the thumbnails. :rofl:

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I thought that I would navigate over and take a quick look and I ended up staying for half an hour. I am very impressed by your build. Your gameplay is excellent and you have the start of a really engaging game. I congratulate you on your work so far. You have produced a very engaging (and enchanting) game that is really very attractive. It’s definitely a thumbs up from me!


This is done to let the player know they are looking at genuine gameplay screenshots and not renders.

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it almost looks like Dinosaur… weird???