N4dar's Portfolio - Young Scripter and Builder

Who Am I?
Hey there, I am a teenage Roblox developer who just started High School and I am a self-taught scripter and builder with over 5 years of Roblox Studio experience. At my current moment, I am not available for hiring but I can do small level commissions by simply friending me and DMing through discord.

Additionally, I am simultaneously a very active athlete so I may not always be available.


You can DM me at any time and I will respond within relatively in a short time but it varies depending on what I am doing. My time zone is Pacific Standard.

I will mainly take these following forms of payment:


Studio Experience + Contributions
I have mainly contributed in many small level studios temporarily as a builder or scripter mainly for my friends games. I mainly started off as a builder and eventually started self teaching myself Roblox’s code language, LUAU.

I have over five years of building experience and over two years of scripting experience. I would in my opinion consider my self still a beginner/intermediate scripter and around an intermediate/pro builder. My style of building mainly consists of medium-high poly builds as I don’t specific in low poly builds simply because I didn’t like the aesthetic of it.

I am a very strong scripter mainly on the Server and Local side such as GUI’s and doors and more, however I do not have the capability to script datastores as I am still learning them, so sorry for the inconvenience.

I mainly do low-scaled scripts like doors, fans, but sometimes I can work around scripting a game, an example of this is a game I made in around four-days simply for fun, I never took the game seriously but something I found fun to make.

Additionally, I have other games where I’ve scripted it all by myself but again, mainly for fun so theres real no purpose in them but me just having fun, another example is the game below.

Building Showcase

Scripting Showcase