NaginataAnimations Pack - OpenSource

Hello! oh and this is the first time i create a Post in this Categorie.
I have animated a pack of animation of Naginata.
About : Idle - Walking - Jump
+ Combat : RightSlash - LeftSlash - Middle Slash
+ Also Bonus Anms : 2 Dashes animation.

You can use these animations for your combat game, simulator, roleplay…etc

*Before you take you and if you want to see how is it Go on at the RightSide and you will see Naginata Area (click on the dummy to run animation)

File : NaginataFullPack.rbxm (58.9 KB)
Also The Naginata was rigged with the RIghtHand.

  • Yes at the first time you click it, i won’t show you the Animation Editor Bar (Roblox), Ungroup it and delete the script…etc

Thanks for using or checked my post.