Nalzio | Graphic Designer



Hello DevForum users, my name is Nalzio!

I am a newly found Graphic Designer, I recently as of writing this just got accepted as a New Member. I thought I would introduce myself and just show my presence that I’m here.

I do 3D Art with characters and I also do Logos from time to time but I wouldn’t say it is my main specialty. I try to get involved as much in the community as possible and join in different opportunity’s.


Social Medias


I am currently a free-lance designer so you may hire me for projects, to contact me you may gladly send me a message here on DevForums or reply. Another way to contact me is from my twitter. It will be linked in the social medias tab.

I hope to make this a great trip on the DevForum while I am on here and I am looking forward to meeting new people here, thank you for reading!


Not bad! I’m personally a fan of the delivery simulator logo you comprised.


You should probably mention your prices for particular assets that you produce (e.g. thumbnails, icons, etc). You may want to use this template: TEMPLATE: User Portfolio


Awesome work Nalzio nice portfolio.


Not too shabby. I really like the Spiderman banner but I was kinda sad when I saw that he wasn’t shooting a web.Aha great work though.


Edited it, thanks.


Just a heads up, your ROBLOX <-> USD conversions are really off.


I know that the Icons, Logos and Banners are off by a $1, don’t know about thumbnail.


The DevEx rates right now are 3.5$/1K…


What… really?


Simple math, 100k currently DevExes into 350 USD. Simple math, 350/100 will get how how much USD for 1K, which results in 3.5$/1K. Therefore, currently it is much cheaper to pay you in ROBUX. Unless you prioritize ROBUX payments over USD, I would edit it.