Name for open - World Space Game

So I’ve been thinking on this for a few days, and I want to make an open world game based in space. You collect materials and bring them back to your company’s/nation’s space cruiser(A giant ship, basically the HQ) and get more money. Eventually you can buy things like guns, and you could attack other ships. Here are some names:

Title for game
  • Space: Limitless
  • Galaxy
  • StarMen: Pioneers
  • Deep Space

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Hope you had a good Thanksgiving


Um, dude? Don’t you think this was already made?

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It was @ParkCityUSA, next time might want to check before.

Wait. So why is he asking to make the same game again? I’ve noticed a decay in player base, but this post just seemed like made by someone else…

I am confused

deep space sounds good because its open world. But the game sounds like a really big project for one developer (I’m assuming).

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It won’t be super complicated, I’ll add on things in updates.