Name Ideas for a Fictional State


I’m struggling to think of a name for a fictional US state I’m making.
I’d like to hear some suggestions for names, to help me put one one together.

This game is an RPG with Police/Fire/Citizens and some other jobs.
The map is 3 islands, 2 being quite large and 1 quite small. If the name had some sort of relevance to the style of the map, that would be nice.
Preferably, I’d like to have something that does not include “Ro” or “Blox” etc.

Thank you for reading this, I’d love to hear your ideas!

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Is the environment tropical or temperate? For tropical I’d go with “Las Islas” or “Pequeñisla” and for temperate I might suggest “Green Island/s” or “Freedom Isles”.

@Ro_nz as a side note, these are suggestions for names of states.

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It’s a more temperate environment, and also a name for a state, for example “Florida”. However, thank you for the ideas!

Edit: What I meant was that I was looking for the name to be one word like most states in the US but it could have “New” before like New Jersey and New York.

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Maybe follow what US states are named after

  • Native People/Tribes
  • Famous Presidents/Other people during revolution etc.
  • Those Dang British Queens and Kings.

Just find one that hasn’t been taken like
Apache or Osage. Or maybe some other british people…

Edit: I can see it now:

i just thought of charleston. dont know why


Alot of state names are what the indigenous people called the land so something like “Description of the land” in the language of the indigenous people who lived in the area would work

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There are lots of proposed states that never happened like the state of Franklin or Texlahoma so you can just use a name of those proposed states. Another idea is combining two names of a state for example New Connecticut (New York + Connecticut). You can also do it based off of geographical location (wouldn’t suggest that though). Also trees! Texas was possibly named after the Yew tree which is tejo or teja in Spanish. But please don’t name it South Virginia.

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There was also once a country called The Republic of West Florida.

some coastal names:

East Southern Coast: Flores, Pascua
East Northern Coast: New Duke
West Southern Coast: Roca Costa

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Maybe Lakota? It’s what the names of North Dakota and South Dakota came from, though. :person_shrugging: