Name Ideas for a Racing Game

Hey fellow devs,

I’m in the process of creating a new racing game. I’m looking to create a realistic racing environment, that would be high in detail and realism. I’ve been making good progress so far but now I need to put a name to it! I want the name to be something sophisticated but simple, I was thinking of just using “Corsa” which is the Italian word for ‘race’, but I thought that would relate too closely to Assetto Corsa. If you have any name ideas, please send them my way!

Game Teaser

So far this is the only real photo I have, I’m in the process of modeling my own cars but this is just a fm one to enhance the photo.

Thanks! =)


Here would be my ideas:

  • Autocorsa
  • Autodrome
  • Gearshift
  • Procorsa
  • Corsa Octane

I don’t think this fits your theme, could you describe what you plan more? Please ping me when you finish the game, I’ll try to remember playing it when I get my new GPU.

Don’t be jealous, it’s my uncle’s GTX770.

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I’ve never been great at brainstorming names, but one thing I can say is, think this. “Hey friend, wanna go play ____?” If it doesn’t sound good in that sense, it doesn’t work.

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