NameNotUsed Portfolio | GFX Artist

Hello! My name is NameNotUsed. I have been doing GFX for around 4 months now and I am growing to love it, and to improve in each of my pieces. I would really love to work with you and get even better in my art! I love football, track and field, and favorite food is fudge and my favorite dessert is fried chicken :slight_smile (The food and desert is supposed to be mixed up lol) I thank you for reading this if you have and enjoy your day!!

Works for Exploration studios

Exploration Studios
-I am the current graphics designer for the studio!

Military game icons and thumbnails for duelky

I am the graphics designer for the game Bunker Attack

Personal works

Since school is starting up again and work, availability will be limited but I can make it work, look down at contact to find my contact information! My time zone is Eastern Time Zone (EST) so I’m usually available from 5 or 6 pm to 9:00pm which should give me enough time to get GFX’s done in a timely manner! On weekends though I will have way more time on my hands and should be open from 10:00AM to 6:00PM or later! (That does not mean I can work on GFX’s that whole time but I can get in contact with you and get you a time scheduled!

Right now I am creating Thumbnails and Icons and my prices are
Thumbnail- 1,000-1,700 Robux (Depends on what your asking)
Icons- 700 to 1,000 Robux (Depends on what your asking)

The payment will be in ROBUX and I require you to pay 50% before I start, and the other 50% after you see the final product with the WATERMARK.
-prices are negotiable but there are
no changes on how you buy!

You can contact me on discord and my discord name is NameNotUsed #7417
I will add an email later on!