Names Association - Community Teams | Information and tasks

Names Association - Community Teams | Information and tasks

Teams reacted with a * is made, but not ready for community members to join.

Teams reacted with ** is published, but it is not completed.

Names Moderation Team: A team with staff members that are picked monthly to be a part of our Moderation Team. The Names Moderation Team is a team that will be handling moderation actions in our discord server.

Names Administration Team: A sub-team of the Names Moderation Team. A team with admins from our staff team. These people in this team are picked every year, and they are handling the moderation to our Discord server and our group.

*Names Executive Team: A team of community members from the Board of Directors and above. They’re deciding who is hosting sessions, when they are gonna host them, and where they are gonna host it.

*Names Communication Department: Names Communication Department is they who are hosting game nights, contests, etc. It is an exclusive team locked to only Chief+ and above.

*Names Post Approval Department: Names Post Approval Department are they who are approving applications, email feedback, and in-game feedback before they are sent to our developers.

*Names Community Engagement Team: A sub-team of the Communication team, but people in the Community Engagement Team are they who are behind-scenes, it is they who are planning all of the events. The Communication team is hosting the events the Engagement team is planning out. Board of Directors+ can be a part of this team.

Names Development Team: The team that is making our games. The developers are applications that we announce once open, or we will announce it here on the Developer forum.

**Names Developer Relations: Chief Staff Officer, Developer, and Lead Developer can join this team if they are invited. The Names Developer Relations is the team that covers:

  • Group, game and server moderation.
  • Communication between developers, staff and other co-teams.
  • Names Award Show
  • Names Developer Engagement

**Names Developer Engagement: A sub-team of the Names Developer Relations. Lead Developer+ are allowed to join this team if they get invited. The Names Developer Engagement team covers this:

  • Group, game and server moderation + supervising of game development.
  • Names Award Show, “Behind the scenes”.

**Names Scam Inspector Department: Names Scam Inspector Department is a team with staff members that are experienced with finding scams regarding Names Association. Any scams that are found, will automatically be announced and stated clearly that this is a scam. If we found out the person(s) that are doing it, they will get blacklisted and permanently banned from all of our games and communication server. If they are a staff member, they will lose their current position forever.

*Names Customer Support Team: Names Customer Support team is a team in-game that Management+ can join. Applications are open every month, and 3-4 people will be selected each time. (Not to be compared with Names Critical Customer Service, Names Email Service or Names Support team).

Names Support Team: The Support team in our discord server. It’ll be them in this team that will be handling customer support.

**Names Email Support. Names Email Support is a team that is managing our email requests. People can submit a private question if they don’t wanna do it publicly.

Names Critical Customer Service: Names Critical Customer Support team is a team that will be handling critical situations. Currently, you can only get critical situations to support from our discord server.

Names Marketing Team: A sub-team of Names Communication Department and Names Community Engagement Team. They can help the Engagement team with developing and managing community events. They are in the position of advertising our group and managing and execute marketing plans. They can manage and develop development products, as well to develop and manage our alliances.

Names User Accusations: Names User Accusations is a team of 3-4 people who are managing and recording user and staff reports. They can report team members and teams.

**Names Human Resources Department: Names Human Resources Department are able to manage and record staff data (such as activity at Names Cafe, points, work hours, etc), and are also in charge of managing staff members upon the hiring, termination, promotion and demotion process. They are in charge of developing and executing staff-only events. They are able to assist staff members with their questions if no Customer Support is available at that moment.


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Last Updated: March 26, 2020

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The Names Association Community Teams | Information and Tasks have been updated according to our new changes.

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