Names Association: Discord Server Rules

  1. NSWF (Not Safe For Work) content is prohibited. (3)
  2. Spamming is prohibited. Do not attempt to bypass filters. (2)
  3. Advertising is not allowed. That includes (but it is not limited to); discord servers, group games, websites, etc. (1)
  4. Bot commands may only go into #bot-commands. (1)
  5. Do not be disrespectful towards our staff and customers. (2)
  6. Abusing the Support system (with spamming opening up tickets) is prohibited. (3)
  7. Cyberbullying is not allowed in any way and is never tolerated. (3x3)
  8. Roblox-related topics may only go into #general. The #off-topic channel is for contents besides roblox. (1)
  9. Please try and keep all conversations to English. (1)
  10. Swearing is NOT permitted in any of the channels. (3)
  11. Racism, Sexism, Cyber-bullying, or discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited. (3)
  12. Mass pinging or spamming (Server raiding) will result in you getting banned. (3)
  13. No Unicode text or text that cannot be mentioned as your nickname (2)
  14. Threats such as DDosing and Harassment are not tolerated and will result in an immediate warn. (1)
  15. Copy Pasta is not allowed, it makes you look extremly dumb (1)
  16. Controversial political discussion is not permitted. (3)
  17. Mini-modding is not permitted, moderation is for moderators. If you see a problem report it to them. (2)
  18. Please respect all staff decisions, arguing or creating unnecessary banter will result in consequences. (3)
  19. Creating alts to bypass bans or mutes isn’t allowed. (3)
  20. No voice changers, music, SFX, or screaming in voice channels. (3)