Names showing before button purchase

hi ive just had a new problem so last time some one helped me change the text font of the button with using a billboard gui and now i have a new problem before the button is purchased u can see the text poping out of the ground here is a image
thanks for reading and for the help :slight_smile:

Is AlwaysOnTop set to false?

let me try that thanks


Try to turn .Enabled (Or visible, I forgot) to false.

i tried them both and they didnt work ? can u try to explain it more if u know that it should work ?

If you set the Enabled of BillboardGui to uncheck it should be not visible.

ok ill test that


ok now when the button pops out u cant see the text
how can i fix that

Enabled won’t help you. If you set that to false, the GUI won’t appear ever.

AlwaysOnTop is the correct property. If it’s not working, you’re either not setting it to false, or it’s a bug and you should issue a bug report.

the alwayon top is false ill show u one sec

I don’t know what to tell you then, sorry. Issue a bug report. Test out BillboardGuis in a new simple place just to make sure you’re doing it correctly. Share the rblx file here for people to try themselves.

Ohhhh wait I misunderstood your layout.

The text is just floating above the button, and the button is inside the ground. I thought you were on the roof and it was peeking through or something. My bad.

Well, of course the text is showing – the text is higher than the button.

Move the button further into the ground, or lower the text, or add to your script that moves the buttons upwards to also enable/disable the GUI.

oh ok thanks ill try that today

Can send me how the script should look please sorry im not good at scripting

Make the AlwaysOnTop property of the BillboardGui false.

ive already done that and it didnt work