Nametag GUI not showing up for R15 avatars

Hey developers, I am making a custom nametag system for my game which overrides the default Roblox nametags, the script is working for the most part except for the fact that when I test it in R6 avatars, it works fine but when I test R15, it doesn’t work at all, this is a big problem because my game is R15 only, is there a solution to this?

		char.Humanoid.DisplayDistanceType = Enum.HumanoidDisplayDistanceType.None
		local clonedGUI = script.Nametag:Clone()
		clonedGUI.Frame.NameText.Text = player.Name
		clonedGUI.Parent = char:WaitForChild("Head",10)

Edit: I’ve realised the Lua script emulator has cut off the player added function, but it is there in the actual script.

May we see what the error message is? Or are there none?

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use billboard gui, looks better and is far more effective.

R15 has behavior where the head is loaded twice, meaning that the nametag loads into the head part that is not the final part. I read a bit about this issue as it was also happening to nametags in my game, but you’ll find it’s a simple fix which simply involves waiting for the player’s character to fully load, using player.CharacterAppearanceLoaded:Wait().

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There isn’t any, and the script isn’t breaking because I’ve put print statements throughout it and they all work but for some reason it can’t put the GUI into the player’s head.

I am using billboard GUIs, but thank you.