Nametag Overlapping Chat Bubble

Is there a solution to fix my custom nametag GUI overlapping the chat when adjusting the camera angle?
(Using TextChatService)

Example video below.


I think it has something to do with the zindex,

do you want the text over the name tag?

(have you tried putting the nametag up higher?)


Yes, I tried the zindex on the chat bubble, I think its not fixable right now, but thanks for trying to help!

You could try just moving the chat bubble higher to avoid colliding with the nametag. I’m pretty sure there’s a config for that.

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Not sure if you still cant fix your chat but this should work:
Scroll to “TextChatService” and view the properties and find “ChatVersion” within properties and turn it to TextChatService and NOT LegacyChatService
After that go to “BubbleChatConfiguration” which is within TextChatService and go to its properties, then behavior and “VerticalStudsOffset” should be changed according to how high you may want it to be, this worked for me as I too had this same issue I hope this can help you and others who may need it.

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