NameTag sizing!

I know this is most likely 100% the wrong category, however there’s nowhere else for me to post it, and it could be scripting partially. Basically, I have a basic NameTag:

BillboardGui, Frame, 3 TextLabels inside the frame.

The problem is, I’d like the TextLabels to stay the same size, not grow bigger when you get farther and grow smaller when you get closer. Any ideas? I’ve read other threads, and none of them helped. Thanks!

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What i do is go to the bill board gui and change its size on the scale, not offset. So do things like:
10,0,4,0 thats an example, size it however much you want, just make sure its on scale and not offset. After that, go to the text labels and frames and change their sizes to: 1,0,1,0. This will make it stay the same size. heres an example file:

bill board gui size.rbxl (36.9 KB)

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