NaN Followers after clicking "Follow"

This may be my first topic created since we moved to the new forum software, so forgive me for not knowing exactly how to use the better features. But here goes.

I am using the latest version of Google Chrome on the latest update of Windows 10. And I am encountering an error whenever I follow a ROBLOX developer where, when I press “Follow”, the number under Followers on their profile goes to NaN. I still can follow the person successfully, but this bug may cause people to be afraid to follow people when they see this unexpected glitch.

Here’s a GIF of what’s going on:


It’s probably just doing Number(“165+K”) + 1, while the Number() returns NaN.

Well, yeah, probably. Nevertheless, the bug exists and looks bad to less programming-knowledgeable users.

Just pointing out what’s possibly causing it.
Still has to be fixed, of course.