Nando's Chicken | Affiliate Information

Nando’s Chicken | Affiliate Information

Alliances are an important part of our group. They allow us to meet new people, collaborate with different communities & help each other out in any way we can.

If you wish to form an alliance with Nando’s Chicken. Your group should meet the requirements that are listed below and you should open a public affairs ticket in our Discord Server.

Group Members:
The group must acquire 10k group members, (non-botted)

Server Members:
The group must include a discord server that contains at least 300 members, (non-botted)

Positive Reputation:
The group must hold a good reputation within the ROBLOX community.

Healthy Activity
Maintain an active game and positive community

The group must maintain a standard of professionalism when required.

Follow ROBLOX Terms Of Service.
We expect all establishments to follow Roblox TOS.

Event Announcements
The group must be willing to attend and announce our events if we ask you to do so.

Alliance Representatives
We require at least 2 alliance representatives and they must be in both the main Nando’s Discord Server and our specialised Public Affairs Server.

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